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Support The Ng Accelerator Project Today  By Upgrading Your Account & Access Super Cool Interesting Features 

Free Ngcoins

Unlock Ngcoins and get up to Get 50,000 also earn more daily

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Use your Ngcoins to purchase item in shop or access hidden features

Free Ad & Publicity

Access Free Advert and Showcase on our platform to support you

Earn More Daily

Unlock marketing tools & resources that helps you earn unlimited income.

How Account Upgrade Works

Upgrading your account means you will become a real Ng Accelerator and it also shows your true commitment to support the Ngacclerators project

When you upgrade your Ng Accelerator account you will have access to our premium features which will be explained below.

  1. Awarded Ngcoins based on the package of your choice
  2. Earn Ngcoins daily For community activity and interactions
  3. Purchase any Items on our shop with your Ngcoins
  4. Use Ngcoins to unlock business and project funding feature. This means we will help you get people who are interested in funding your business ideas or project.
  5. Unlock The Networking Hub Features: Sometimes all you need is one person to work with and all will work well. You will access networking features that allows you meet other people who need your strength.
  6. Access to our free showcase section where you can display your talents, skills, advertise and get free visibility across Nigeria
  7. Access to make a request for something you need and have us look into it
  8. Access to become an Affiliate to earn from Ngacclerators with minimum effort on your end.
  9. Access to our membership social media marketing tools to promote your link to unlock unlimited earnings
  10. Access to attend special events in any location the Ngacclerators Train goes
  11. Free website with www.yourname.com domain and hosting for promoters
  12. And many more as we scale over time

To become A Pro Accelerator you need to purchase any accelerator upgrade package of your choice. All are one time purchase no monthly or yearly renewal

This allows you access all the features above as listed.

To upgrade you Ng  Accelerator account you need to purchase the membership package. There are two ways to go about this

Pay Online Instant Activation

If you like to pay online with  credit  select a package of your choice and you will be directed to enter your billing details and make payment with credit card.

Pay Offline With Cash

If for any reason you can’t pay online with credit card. This method Is for you

Select a package of your choice

Enter your billing details

Select Direct Bank Transfer

Follow Instructions to pay to our bank account

When the money is received your account will be upgraded  to the package you paid for

We know a lot of people will love to earn with this and because of that we have made it easy for them.
When you become an affiliate you access some social media marketing tools that does the promotion for you on complete auto pilot so You don’t need to do anything we will do the work on your behalf and people signup with your link.
We have a system in place that follows people active people on Instagram and twitter joins related Facebook groups on your behave and the system also pulls content from our social media account to yours there by using useful contents to engage with your audience without you doing any talking except reply messages if someone message you to know more about us and all you do is tell them to register first and message you. Then you can send them to the shared groups for orientation especially if they are more interested in earning with this.

Choose Any Package You Can Afford

You Can Always Upgrade Your Account Later On


NGN1,500/One Time Fee
Free 7,500 Ng Coins
Earn More Ngcoins
Purchase With Ngcoins
Promote To Earn(Optional)
Marketing Tools To Earn More
Unlock Extended Access
Premium Support

Premium Accelerator

NGN5,000/One Time Fee
Free 25,000 Ng Coins
Earn More Ngcoins
Purchase With Ngcoins
Promote To Earn(Optional)
Marketing Tools To Earn More
Unlock Extended Access
Premium Support

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