Join Our Vision To Accelerate Nigeria Growth
We believe making this country work is not a matter of the leaders alone but the work of every citizen contributing at every level in every way they can.
Be Among The 1 In Millions Accelerators
Everyone is unique there is something only you can do to cause a change. With the Ng Accelerator you will find a place to unleash the possibilities in you and find yourself more useful than you think you are.
Achieve Your Dream With Our Passive Income System
Financial freedom is necessary for every human to think right and do exactly what they want. Our program provides a way for Accelerators to earn weekly income to support their finance.
What Is Ng Accelerators?
Nigeria Accelerators is a network of like minded people who have interest in contributing to the rapid futuristic growth of the Nigeria economy in all fields by contributing what each has to certain problems and coming out with innovative solutions in every areas of life.
Our Outreach & Mission
We on a mission to call on every capable person who still believes in Nigeria because we know everyone has something to offer to cause the desired changes we all long for irrespective of family or educational background. There are some dots only certain people can connect and those connected dots can bring about new possibilities. Anyone decides to be part of Ng Accelerators project is referred to an Accelerator.
The Process & System
Ng Accelerators goes through a sequence of programs which enables them bring out the best in them thereby impacting lives regardless of the limitations around them.Our program contains set of programmed activities and tasks developed to educate people about problems, their futuristic implications and how to solve them by teaming with sets of people interested in same thing.
Talent Development & Skills Acquisition
We focus on talent development and skills acquisition all accelerators will have access to resources to optimize their talent and learn various matching digital skills to enhance their abilities in other to meet up with the global trends in today’s world. Our goals is to reach out to the massive average Nigerians who are unaware they can be part of this movement by contributing In every way to the desired outcome they want.
Effective Networking
Two heads are better than one. Our goal is to teach Nigerians the power of team work and how they can leverage on each other abilities to produce remarkable results. Accelerators will be encouraged to link up with people in the platform with similar goals, ideas and believes and they can come together to work on something bigger beyond each individual capacity
Business or Startups Funding
Ideas rules the world, executors actually makes ideas work. As an Accelerator with a business plan or startups project that needs funding as the only thing left. We will step in to create awareness and help attract interested personal investors or via a crowding funding project on our platform.
Financial Freedom Opportunity.
We know how hard it can be to be dedicated to something when one is not earning a stable income to take care of immediate needs our program has also taken into this consideration all accelerators has the chance to optimize this platform to earn a substantial amount weekly for their upkeep to enable them concentrate on the goals ahead.
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We are glad to have you here and it will be a privilege to help you understand how it works in other for you to get the best out of it.
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